AJTR Copyright © 2009-All rights reserved. Published by e-Century Publishing Corporation, Madison, WI 53711
Volume 3, Number 3:226-291;2011
American Journal of Translational Research

Gina Lee, Brian K. Gardner, David A. Elashoff, Colleen M. Purcell, Harpavan S. Sandha, Jenny T. Mao,
Kostyantyn Krysan, Jay M. Lee, Steven M. Dubinett:
Elevated levels of CXC chemokine connective tissue
activating peptide (CTAP)-III in lung cancer patients. Am J Transl Res 2011;3(3):226-233. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Michael W. Killen, Tiffany L. Taylor, Dawn M. Stults, Weidong Jin, Lisa L. Wang, Jeffrey A. Moscow, Andrew J.
Configuration and rearrangement of the human GAGE gene clusters. Am J Transl Res 2011;3(3):234-
242. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Ruey-Hwang Chou, Yung-Luen Yu, Mien-Chie Hung: The roles of EZH2 in cell lineage commitment. Am J Transl
Res 2011;3(3):243-250. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Peter D. Burbelo, Kathryn H. Ching, Kathleen E. Bren, Michael J. Iadarola: Emerging tactical strategies for
fighting the war on cancer based on the genetic landscape. Am J Transl Res 2011;3(3):251-258. (
Abstract, full
text, PDF).

Cheuk-Kwan Sun, Pei-Lin Shao, Ching-Jen Wang, Hon-Kan Yip: Study of vascular injuries using endothelial
denudation model and the therapeutic application of shock wave: a review. Am J Transl Res 2011;3(3):259-268.
abstract, full text, PDF).

Lifeng Feng, Xian Wang, Hongchuan Jin: Rabbit monoclonal antibody: potential application in cancer therapy. Am
J Transl Res 2011;3(3):269-274.
(Abstract, full text, PDF).

Dwight R. Stickney, Clarence N. Ahlem, Elizabeth Morgan, Christopher L. Reading, Nanette Onizuka, James M.
Phase I and Phase II Clinical Trials of Androst-5-ene-3β,7β,17β-triol. Am J Transl Res 2011;3(3):275-
283. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Hong-Rui Yao, Jun Liu, Daniel Plumeri, Yong-Bing Cao, Ting He, Ling Lin, Yu Li, Yuan-Ying Jiang, Ji Li, Jing
Lipotoxicity in HepG2 cells triggered by free fatty acids. Am J Transl Res 2011;3(3):284-291. (Abstract, full
text, PDF).