AJTR Copyright © 2009-All rights reserved. Published by e-Century Publishing Corporation, Madison, WI 53711
Volume 3, Number 5:404-497;2011
American Journal of Translational Research

Sergio Rutella, Franco Locatelli: Strategies to harness immunity against infectious pathogens after
haploidentical stem cell transplantation. Am J Transl Res 2011;3(5):404-421. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Dale Yu: Translational research: current status, challenges and future strategies. Am J Transl Res 2011;3(5):422-
433. (
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Moulay A. Alaoui-Jamali, Krikor Bijian, Gerald Batist: Emerging drug discovery approaches for selective targeting
of “precursor” metastatic breast cancer cells: highlights and perspectives. Am J Transl Res 2011;3(5):434-444.
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Vera S. Schellerer, Larissa Mueller-Bergh, Susanne Merkel,  Robert Zimmermann, Dominik R. Weiss, Anne
Schlabarakowski, Elisabeth Naschberger, Michael Stürzl, Werner Hohenberger, Roland S. Croner:
The clinical
value of von Willebrand factor in colorectal carcinomas. Am J Transl Res 2011;3(5):445-453. (
Abstract, full text,

Katherine Ververis, Tom C Karagiannis: Potential non-oncological applications of histone deacetylase inhibitors.
Am J Transl Res 2011;3(5):454-467.(
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Kyoichi Kaira, Noboru Oriuchi, Toshiaki Takahashi, Kazuo Nakagawa, Yasuhisa Ohde, Takehiro Okumura,
Haruyasu Murakami, Takehito Shukuya, Hirokazu Kenmotsu, Tateaki Naito, Yoshikatsu Kanai, Masahiro Endo,
Haruhiko Kondo, Takashi Nakajima, and Nobuyuki Yamamoto:
LAT1 expression is closely associated with
hypoxic markers and mTOR in resected non-small cell lung cancer. Am J Transl Res 2011;3(5):468-478.
Abstract, full text, PDF).

Kim Hei-Man Chow, Jing Liu, Raymond Wai-Yin Sun, Paul M Vanhoutte, Aimin Xu, Jie Chen, Chi-Ming Che, Yu
The gold (III) porphyrin complex, gold-2a, suppresses WNT1 expression in breast cancer cells by
enhancing the promoter association of YY1. Am J Transl Res 2011;3(5):479-491.
(Abstract, full text, PDF).

Marc Artzrouni, Colin B Begg, Radomir Chabiniok, Jean Clairambault, AJE Foss, John Hargrove, Eva K Lee,
Jennifer H Siggers, Marcus Tindall:
The first international workshop on the role and impact of mathematics in
medicine: A collective account. Am J Transl Res 2011;3(5):492-497.
(Abstract, full text, PDF).